+ Self-serve reality

Metropolitan life becomes more and more lonely.
We are living tremendously isolated lives.
Our thoughts and values are often based on the information we get on-line or from the Tv. We only experience a small percentage first-hand.

The future will mostly be about information and who controls it. Maybe they won't even send out the actual information, but all will be like short films from a studio.

Self-serve reality.

What we create in our mind will be accepted as fact.

*texto extraído del disco Raumspannung de Parca Pace (Cold Meat Industry)

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  1. I have it :D
    Tio ayer hasta las 03.00 aprox no pudé sobar, sabes que consiguió relajarme?

    La OST de Whalerider, que bonita.

  2. ....hoy te haré caso que hace un montón que no escucho whalerider... a soñar con ballenas!!